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Reg.No KLM/TC/120/2013

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KMCF (kunnicode muslim cultural forum ) is a non-profit organisation differ from other NPO's in that it centers on non-profit and philanthropic goals as well as social well being(eg : charitable,educational,religious or other activities serving the public interest).kmcf aims at the activities serving the common good as religious,cultural,social,educational,carrier progress and welfare of natives comes under the working area of organisation.every great story starts from humblest of beginings as so the story of kunnicode muslim cultural forum.KMCF is aiming to remove the blindness of knowledge.Aiming religious practices and belief in islam.

Today, its seems the society of uncultured as ingnorant of civic sences.To enlighten the people in social as well as cultural way , in the path of religious islam, we are introducing so many programmes and campains such as awareness classes, psyco-counsiling classes,face to face platforms,Quran classes etc.Islamic culture generally includes all the practices of which have developed around the religion of islam including Quranic ones.With the motive of help you one another in virtue and piety we are conducting awareness classes on religious as well as secular baisis, providing aid to students living in working area of oraganisation, for there education and career, providing medical aid for those in grief and defect, information beuro,women cell, microfinance, scolorship programme, audio and visual library, blood donation, vocational training program etc.


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